Circle of the Wise: Establishing an Online Community of Practice

1. Circle of the Wise Introduction

An introduction to help you create your own online "networks".

2. Online Communities of Practice

Saskatoon Catholic Cyber School:
K-12 Online Learning Conference
– Take My Hand support model:
- Most presenters also have blogs to subscribe to!
Regina Catholic Schools Learning Village:
Teachers Teaching Teachers:
Support Blogging:
Tools for Online Collaboration: Moodle; WiziQ site:;
iTeacherEd Project:
RCSD Math Conversations:

3. Useful Resources for Teachers

Top 100 Education Blogs:
Weblogs in the Classroom:
Educational Software Support for Web 2.0:

Integrating Technology Listserv:
The Teacher List:
Teacher First:

Online Telecollaboration Projects:
The Global School House:
Kitchen Telecollaboration Site: