Contrast in Design

  • just like paragraphs help separate ideas to make our writing easier to understand, contrast is the tool that is used to separate our images
  • utilized to help achieve other elements including balance and emphasis.
  • if all elements are the same (size, color, texture, pattern, shape), the design would be boring.

Wordle: Contrast Elements

Consider these techniques:
  • Consider complimentary colors on the color wheel to create contrast
    • Black/White; Christmas (Red/Green); Easter (Purple/Yellow); Football (Orange/Blue)
  • Consider warm and cool colors
    • Warm colors (red, orange, yellow) advance or jump out to the eye
    • Cool colors (blue, green, purple) receed or fall to the background
  • Make the background lighter and the main images darker.
  • Use borders to separate parts of the collage

Collage Check:
  • Have I used contrast in a number of different elements (color, size, pattern)?
  • Have I used borders with contrasting shapes or colors to add variety and emphasis?
  • Is there enough contrast between the background and the main images/words?