Farm Questions and Interests

This page is for us to collect our questions or interests that we have about farming in Saskatchewan. We may also find something very interesting that we wish to share with others. Please indicate where you are from if you are a visitor. Thanks!

Gr. 3/4 class St. Matthew School
We have a list of questions that we would like answered by other children.
1) Do you have to do farm chores?
2) What farm chores do you have to do?
3) When do you do the chores? What time do you have to get up?
4) Do you have to take a bus to get to school?
5) What type of farm do you live on? What kind of animals do you have?
6) What is your favorite chore/activity on the farm?
7) What is the closest city to you?
8) What kind of equipment do you have on the farm?
9) What do you do for fun on the farm?
10) What is the biggest difference to you about farming in the past and the present?
We hope you can help answer our questions. Thanks!!